More about me

Me during the COVID19 lock-down.

I am a professional with decades’ experience in clean technologies, the last fifteen years working on sustainability solutions. I can perform field work as easily as desk work. As a seasoned sustainability specialist, I have worked for diverse industries related to the development and infrastructure sectors. I have had the opportunity to do so in some of the more relevant places in the world, including New York, Geneva — and a variety of emerging market countries. As a matter of fact, I lead the Sustainable Infrastructure Committee at Washington’s Latin American and Caribbean Council of Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE), where we have completed a number of capacity building classes in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina — and online.

My background is in economic analysis, impact assessment and public policy. I am passionate on the design and implementation process of sustainability solutions at the project level, and well versed in engineering and technical language.

Supervising the implementation of impact assessment in a large energy project in Mexico in 2013.

I have delivered sustainability training for several groups at professional level in companies or organizations to implement sustainability in their operations and projects through capacity building strategies. As of early 2021 I am also certified as a Trainer of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision framework.

Some infrastructure and sustainability projects that I have worked on:

My team and I inspecting sustainable features in the Manhattan subway
With my team reviewing sustainability performance assessments of the New York City pump station for flooding control
Part of a multi-stakeholder technical visit to the Calatrava’s bus depot in New York days before its opening. Developer, MTA/NYCT and some suppliers (energy efficiency and engineering companies)
Training groups of sustainability and CSR specialists about sustainable infrastructure concepts.
In Cochabamba, Bolivia, working on a decentralized water system
On an helicopter review of a pipeline path for an energy agency.
Training to fly helicopters. I confess I prefer to work on sustainability issues.

I also have a strong interest in the study of the impacts of lifestyles in modern society, since I have practiced a sustainable lifestyle over my life, based in healthy food, regular practice of exercise, among others healthy practices. Due to my experience and studies developed, I am convinced, that people´s health is highly manageable and has a direct connection with the building environment and its quality, including not only buildings, but infrastructure.

Reforestation campaign in a community impacted by an infrastructure project in Mexico

Society needs to implement sustainable design of spaces where people perform, in order to allow a real sustainable lifestyle.

Want to know more? I am always glad to share my experience on how livable spaces also help people’s well-being and quality of life. Write me an e-mail at

Below are some of my participation in conferences, simposium, webinars, etc.

M4MX Sustainable Cities (Costo beneficio de proyectos sustentables en la politica publica) minute 1:27:00 to 1:47:00

Conferencia hecha para la REDGLOBALMX para niños acerca de sustentabilidad, emisiones, cambio climatico, cuidado ambiental.
Infraestructura Sostenible y Plataformas Tecnologicas: ENVISION y ENERGEST (en el minuto: 7:07:00 7:37:00)
Minute 36:00 48:00
Conference Technology and Sustainable Infrastructure through tech-platform and cloud based

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